Dawson’s Row

The Dawson’s Row area is located at the downhill end of the Clark Hall parking lot (Figure 1). As such, it receives much of the surface runoff from the impervious pavement. As the runoff flows over the parking lots, it accumulates debris, chemicals, sediment or other pollutants that can adversely affect water quality. Upon flowing off of the parking lot into the Dawson’s Row area, the runoff is virtually unable to infiltrate into the ground in this area due to the high level of soil compaction (Figure 2). The compaction is mainly a result of vehicle traffic that enters the area for access to the cooling plant, to the Cabell Hall construction site, and illegal parking. As a result, the runoff continues to flow quickly downhill, with the primary flowpath along the cooling plant walls. After roughly following this path around the building, the runoff eventually moves off the Dawson’s Row area down a hill onto Jefferson Park Avenue (JPA). It can be assumed at this point that the water eventually enters the storm drain system. The foremost impact of the high levels of surface runoff in the area is erosion. This occurs primarily at three locations: at the junction of the parking lot and Dawson’s row area (Figure 3); along the cooling plant (Figure 4); and on the hill leading down to JPA (Figure 5).



Figure 1: Topographic map of a section of UVa grounds. The cooling plant that is next to Dawson’s Row is starred.


Figure 2: Compacted driveway and soil in Dawson’s Row area.


Figure 3: Example of erosion that occurs as surface runoff moves from parking lot into Dawson’s Row area.


Figure 4: Erosion that occurs adjacent to cooling plant.


Figure 5: Erosion on hill between Dawson’s Row area and JPA.




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