Upcoming Projects!

The stormwater taskforce will be working on the following projects this fall semester:

1. Hereford Rain Garden.

The taskforce will be collaborating with UVa’s Facilities Management and UVA’s graduate landscape arhictecture students to install a rain garden at Hereford College. The rain garden will be designed to improve drainage and heavy erosion problems on the rocky hillslope.

rain garden

2. Beta Bridge Waste Management

Beta Bridge has become a dumping ground due to the daily painting activities and parties on Rugby Road. Paint, painting equipment, and litter are usually dumped over the bridge. We will be promoting responsible painting at Beta Bridge by installing a paint locker at the site so that painters can store extra paint and brushes for future use. The taskforce also hopes to install much needed trashcans around Beta Bridge.


3. Downspout Disconnects

A downspout is a vertical pipe used to drain rainwater from a roof. To disconnect a downspout, the downspout is cut and an additional piece of pipe is attached and extended toward pervious ground where rainwater can seep into. Disconnecting downspouts helps decrease the amount of polluted runoff that enters our streams and limit stream erosion.

Last spring, three students from the taskforce surveyed all the buildings around the University of Virginia and located where downspouts were and whether they drained to pervious or impervious surface. This summer, two more students continued this work and identified 8 high potential sites that could greatly benefit from disconnected downspouts. The taskforce will continue this project by narrowing down to one or two potential sites, research the possible BMP’s that could be placed in conjunction with the downspouts, and create designs for the sites.












4. Stormwater Monitoring Response Team

A few students from the taskforce will be monitoring the major streams during storm events. They will be collecting water samples and testing them for nitrogen, phosphate, and turbidity. This data will be helpful in understanding how pollutant concentrations change during the course of a storm event and how much pollutant could leave the University during these storm events.

5. Outreach and Education

As an ongoing project, we hope to continue to increase awareness of stormwater issues and provide opportunities for students to get involved in improving the university’s stormwater management as well as their personal stormwater impact.  We hope to communicate through a variety of media such as video, presentations, and paintings at Beta Bridge. We also hope to get students actively involved through stream cleanups and a possible scavenger hunt about stormwater best management practices!



Watch out! The Stormwater Task Force is on a Mission!!!



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