Where does stormwater go?

Most stormwater goes untreated into nearby lakes, rivers, and streams.

Have you ever wondered were stormwater goes? Traditionally, developed areas focus on diverting water off the streets and into storm drains and pipes underground. What most people don’t know, however, is that this water is rarely ever treated and is dumped straight into rivers and lakes along with any litter and pollutants it’s carrying. This has had negative impacts on streams and waterways, where increased flows cause channel erosion and carry pollutants, such as oils and nutrients, from impervious surfaces. This can harm water quality and make our creeks and streams unfit for swimming, fishing and supporting aquatic life. Because storm sewers carry floating debris from streets and parking lots without treatment, we encourage you to be aware of what does (and what shouldn’t) go down storm drains. Even simple things such as cleaning up after painting at Beta Bridge, not throwing Solo cups on the ground, and disposing of your cigarette butts properly can make a huge difference. Please visit our Best Management Practices page to see what you can do to help.


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